There I was… with nothing… but what happened?  I’d spent over 15 years working on my life’s work… I developed an amazing product… I had international patents… the product worked like a charm… I had proof of that with a medically supervised clinical trial of over 100 people… all done to all FDA specifications… this product was used for major good not just for profit!  So what happened?

My name is Anna Love… and this is my saga…

I lost it all to greedy unscrupulous partners over one share.  Not a new or unusual story… but that doesn’t make it any easier to have it be my story too! So now what to do?  First heal… but how?  So far it had taken 2 years and on some days it felt like I hadn’t made any progress at all. I had always loved life, lived it well with excitement and always had the courage to take risks. But now being none too young… could I live life newly and fully again… be the me that I was and better? Ultimately I picked up the pieces… added new pieces to the old and started again.

By telling you my story, I’m hoping that all of you that have been through your own losses regardless of what they are… and have had a hard time carrying on with a life that doesn’t feel in the least bit familiar, will take heart. Having been there, and having done that… I know not just how to cope, but how to start a new… go through all of the trials and tribulations of getting back into life…  and not just living it day to day, but thriving and succeeding in it. Seeing we don’t get to have any do overs, we better make the most of the one life we’ve been given and not waste it!  Is that a Cliché?

As we get to know each other better I’ll share more of my personal story.  Part of my story is that while I was healing… I didn’t take much notice of what was going on around me… until one day as I was getting better I found that in that short few years I had become INVISIBLE! That came as a shock. Was it my imagination? No it wasn’t. That really made me angry… pissed me off!!  So that was an additional component that I needed to handle because in the past I was anything but invisible.  And how did that happen and what was that about?

That and lots else that I’ve already tread on, about us “not so young women” is what I’ve dedicated the rest of my life and this site to.  So… stay with me… let me share what new things I’ve learned, new and better things I’ve experienced and allow me to share and show you how you too can, in new ways live your lives as you really want and deserve! Have and live a new and better life and have a new and better future! Making your life great and greater than ever before! Here the optimal words will always be NEW, NEWER, NEWEST, LARGE, LARGER, BETTER, BEST, GREAT, GREATEST!

This is just the beginning there is lots more for me to share so that you too can live a BIG, NEW LIFE with GUSTO!. If what little I’ve shared resonates with you, please share your story with me and others! Ask questions that must have answers but that you haven’t yet found the answer too on your own. So… with my experience and know-how and with your input we will find the ways to thrive and be anything but INVISIBLE!

So… I’ll see you here soon… in the meantime be sure to visit often and see what of my articles and those of my guests’ articles on Anti-Aging, Beauty, Being Me, Fashion, Health and Lifestyle you like. Be sure to let me know… so that I can bring you more of what you like and more of my personal story! You can’t be as old as I am and not have some ‘humdinger’ life stories.  So… if I do, you must also… so share!