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WHAT IS FirmLift™ Face & Neck AND WHAT DOES IT DO?

Within minutes, this proprietary predominately potent natural ingredient formula gel serum, restructures and reinforces connective tissue to instantly tighten, firm and lift face and neck. Flaccidity is visibly diminished while face, neck (eg: forehead and lip lines), and even décolletage lines diminish before your eyes. All this while providing moisture and humectants to face, neck and décolletage for sustained results.

  • yourbffsays… “tighten, smooth and nourish with Argeriine, Tremella Fuciformis and DMAE biotechnology. Immediate visible lift, tightening and wrinkle improvement!”
  • yourbffsays…” both Elue™ Eye and FirmLift™ make for a great surface for make-up be it a little or a lot. Easily refreshed with MistOn Humectant™.”


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Apply 3-5 pumps, (use sparingly) one each to forehead, cheeks, chin/lips and neck area. Apply using gentle upward and outward strokes


  • Matrixyl 3000 – is an anti-aging peptide which helps to reestablish firmness. It tightens, smooths and lifts the upper lid and reduces commonly occurring dehydration.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – is hyaluronic acid, that plumps, lifts, and tightens.
  • Tremella Polysaccharide – is a naturally occurring hyaluronate in the form of the Tremella Fuciformis mushroom, that is a master hydrator and helps heal the epidermal layer of skin.
  • DMAE – helps to tighten skin and reduce sagging, improve firmness and elasticity, smooths fine lines and wrinkles and also brightens the skin.
  • Argireline – is a tightening peptide that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles, enhances elasticity, improves skin texture.
  • Soluble Collagen – dissolves in your natural moisture, diffusing into the skin itself, creating a firmer, smoother, plumper, more youthful appearing skin.

INGREDIENTS: Deionized water, (water purified, has no hard minerals to conflict with other ingredients) Hyaluronic Acid, Algae Extract, Retinyl Palmitate, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Xanthan Gum

  • Generally safe for sensitive skin.
  • Always test product on a small patch of sensitive skin before use ( e.g.-under hair line on back of neck)
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Unscented

FirmLift™ can be used with:


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