Make-Up Remover/Deep Cleanser

Quantity: 4oz/120ml


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It’s the ultimate in totally removing hard to get off make-up gently, the darkest black eye to the darkest red lip… while deeply cleansing your skin. To help with the removal of make-up and cleansing, there’s a handy soft silicone brush attached. No hard bristles that can get in and enlarge or irritate your pores. A simple one step solution that only needs a really good warm water rinse. Perfect to use in the shower.

  • yourbffsays… “a Soft Slicone Scrubber and Cocoate make for total gentle removal of your make-up and daily grime providing the platform for soft totally cleansed ageless skin!”

Firming Elixir Splash

Creating Tighter Skin

Quantity: 3.4oz/100ml


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WHAT IS Firming Elixir Splash™AND WHAT DOES IT DO?

It is the perfect simple underpinning for vibrant skin. Specifically formulated to combat the visible signs of aging, moisture loss and damage in all skin types for all ages. This light, rehabilitative spray provides powerful firming, lifting and smoothing elements with DMAE, Matrixyl 3000 (peptide). Benefits that can be seen immediately after use.

  • yourbffsays… “firm and smooth from décolletage to forehead with DMAE and Peptides. The Elixir is the underpinning to help create tighter skin, less sag, less crêpey skin and diminish fine lines and deep wrinkles. Visible benefits can be seen immediately after every use!”
  • yourbffsays… “it’s the perfect prep for your nightly NightLight™ Retinol Treatment and or for starting your day


Retinol Treatment

Quantity: 3.4oz/100ml


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WHAT IS Night Light™ Retinol Treatment AND WHAT DOES IT DO?

Is the ultimate sleep time repair and restoration proprietary treatment with Vitamin A (retinol) antioxidants and nutrients for your face, neck and décolletage. It helps smooth and prevent fine lines and deeper wrinkles, improves skin texture, lightens hyperpigmentation, unclogs and tightens pores. Vitamin E, Rose Oil, Jojoba Oil, plus Green Tea help repair and hydrate while boosting collagen. All while you sleep!”

  • yourbffsays… “this one stop nigh-time treatment helps address many of our daily skin prevention and repair issues. Remember to wash your face in the morning with 2N1 as retinol, Vitamin A does not like the sun.!”
  • yourbffsays… “after washing, start your day with Firming Elixer Splash, once absorbed apply Elue Eye Gel and FirmLift for your face. Regardless of your age you will look fresher, tighter!”


Eye Gel-Serum

Quantity: 1oz/30ml


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This proprietary predominately natural ingredient formula gel serum, restructures and reinforces connective tissue to instantly tighten, firm and lift eyelids. Droop is visibly diminished while crow’s feet and fine lines diminish before your eyes. All this while providing nutritional moisture and humectants to lids and surrounding tissue for sustained results. The gel formula was developed so that there is little chance of it seeping into your eyes…

  • yourbffsays… “one ideal product for your upper lids and under eye areas, tightens, lifts, and improves flaccidity. Helps diminish both deep and fine lines. Immediate visible improvement! Use sparingly”
  • yourbffsays… “Inonotus Obliqous (Chaga Mushroom) Extract
    This amazing natural ingredient helps tissues lose their sag!”


Face & Neck

Quantity: 1.7oz/50ml


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WHAT IS FirmLift™ Face & Neck AND WHAT DOES IT DO?

Within minutes, this proprietary predominately potent natural ingredient formula gel serum, restructures and reinforces connective tissue to instantly tighten, firm and lift face and neck. Flaccidity is visibly diminished while face, neck (eg:forehead and lip lines), and even décolletage lines diminish before your eyes. All this while providing moisture and humectants to face, neck and décolletage for sustained results.

  • yourbffsays… “tighten, smooth and nourish with Argeriine, Tremella Fuciformis and DMAE biotechnology. Immediate visible lift, tightening and wrinkle improvement!”
  • yourbffsays…” both Elue™ Eye and FirmLift™ make for a great surface for make-up be it a little or a lot. Easily refreshed with MistOn Humectant™.”


Décolletage/ Arms/ Thighs/

Quantity: 3.4oz/100ml


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WHAT IS Crepeless™ Décolletage/ Arms/ Thighs/ AND WHAT DOES IT DO?

Your body’s crepey, jiggly areas deserve the same care and results as your face and neck. Crepeless smooths and tightens those areas that caused you to swear-off wearing sleeveless tops or shorts or a bathing suit. Makes your knees second glance ready. With an anti-wrinkle, anti-crepe blend— Jojoba Seed, Sweet Orange Oil and Silica to only name a few of the ingredients, help improve skin’s natural elasticity. Firms, tones and helps promote younger looking skin.

  • yourbffsays… “tighten those jiggly parts, smooth that cellulite with Argeriine, Tremella Fuciformis and DMAE biotechnology. Tighter skin yet still soft, youthful with that young sheen. Immediate visible improvement!”
  • yourbffsays…”use daily, this is not just for special occasions!”



Quantity: 3.4oz/100ml


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All skin types require hydration (water) even those that are oily or have oily patches. Dry skin lacks oil and dehydrated skin lacks water. Therefore, our skin needs both to give it balance and its best chance to be healthy and look youthful. MistOn Humectant™ has both in its unique combination of ingredients.

  • yourbffsays… “this humectant with moisture-retaining Ginkgo Biloba locks in your body’s own moisture! Misting on top of your make-up serves to set it and or refresh it. With or without make-up you will glow!”
  • yourbffsays…”also serves as a wonderful moisturizer!”


Lines & Sag Fade

Quantity: 1oz/30ml


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WHAT IS Fixx-It™ AND WHAT DOES IT DO? This little bit of magic, quickly lifts sag, tightens skin, smooths deep wrinkles and fine lines. Creates a smooth base for makeup. Even offers protection from the sun’s rays. This proprietary blend of ingredients boasts of some of day’s most effective peptides. It uses the earth for some of its miracle creating ingredients, Titanium Dioxide and Silica, just to name two. And many additional ingredients that make up a list today’s most potent supplements that nourish. Put them all together and not just does it LSPER, it also protects, hydrates and moisturizes while it helps you look your very best.
  • yourbffsays… “a few brush strokes (use sparingly) directly to your skin or over your make-up then watch the wrinkles, fine lines and sag fade away for up to 6 – 8 hours!”

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